Happy New Year! As we step into January, a month synonymous with new beginnings, it's the perfect time to focus on self-renewal and transformation. At Elevé, we're excited to kick off 2024 with exclusive specials designed to help you achieve a fresh look, boost your confidence, and enhance your well-being. It’s our resolution to bring you the best of what Elevé has to offer and make 2024 your most radiant year yet!

Are you struggling to lose stubborn fat around your waistline, thighs, upper arms, or under the chin? It’s common to feel disheartened when you keep a dedicated lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating, yet see no change. Elevé's CoolSculpting® services are here to provide the breakthrough you need to melt away that persistent fat.

When CoolSculpting® was first introduced in 2010, many people were skeptical of its effectiveness. The painless, non-invasive procedure almost seems too good to be true. But now, more than a decade later, CoolSculpting® has established itself as the gold standard for non-surgical fat reduction.

To help familiarize yourself with the transformative power of CoolSculpting® at Elevé, we’ve compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear from patients:

How Does Freezing Fat Help Sculpt My Body?
CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that harnesses the power of COLD. This process, called cryolipolysis, involves gradually cooling fat cells to a point where they cannot survive, while leaving skin and other tissues unharmed. The dead cells are then flushed naturally from your body, leaving you with a slimmer, contoured figure. 

Will CoolSculpting® Work for Me?
The perfect candidate for this procedure is someone within forty pounds of their ideal weight and seeking to address bulges in specific areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. It's not one-size-fits-all; CoolSculpting® is not recommended for those significantly overweight or for people with medical conditions that can be triggered or exacerbated by the cooling.

What Areas Can CoolSculpting® Treat?
CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared to freeze fat in nine different treatment areas: 

  • Under the Chin
  • Under the Jawline
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Under the Buttocks
  • Upper Arms
  • Flanks (Love Handles)
  • Inner and Outer Thighs

Does CoolSculpting® Get Rid of Cellulite?
Cellulite is a condition characterized by the appearance of dimpled or lumpy skin, often on the thighs and buttocks. It’s caused by fat deposits bulging up between bands of connective tissue beneath the skin and is influenced by factors such as genetics, hormones, and lifestyle. While CoolSculpting® is a powerful tool for the reduction of fat deposits, it doesn’t address the strength or elasticity of the bands of tissue. Therefore, it is not intended for the treatment of cellulite. At Elevé, we often treat cellulite with NuEra Tight, a radiofrequency device that stimulates collagen production and tightens skin.

Is There Any Downtime?
One of the benefits of CoolSculpting® is that it involves no downtime. You can return to normal activities immediately after the treatment. Side effects, such as swelling and/or tingling, can occur but are generally gone in a few weeks.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?
Results can begin appearing as soon as three weeks after treatment. Within 4-6 months, a full 20-25% reduction in fat is often observed in the treated area. The amount of slimming depends largely on the size of the treated area and how much excess fat is present. In some cases, additional treatments may be necessary to achieve your desired goal.

Will the Fat Come Back?
CoolSculpting® results are permanent! Once the fat cells are frozen and eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system, they do not return. However, it's possible to develop new fat cells. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is key to maintaining the fat loss achieved by CoolSculpting®. 
To maximize your results, Elevé’s Vitality team can work with you to create a personalized nutrition plan that helps you stay on course in achieving your wellness goals.

CoolSculpting® at Elevé is a safe, effective, and non-invasive solution if you’re looking to refine your body contours. If you're close to your ideal body weight but need help with those last stubborn areas, CoolSculpting® could be the answer. 

You don’t need to be frustrated any longer! Call Elevé today to learn more and take the first step toward a more sculpted you: 715-847-0000

Optimize your health & elevate your life!

Elevé’s Vitality program is dedicated to detecting, treating, and preventing age-related diseases and health problems. Book a consultation to find your perfect Vitality program match to meet your personal goals. 

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