Non-surgical vein removal treatment

If you’re located in Wausau, or North or Central Wisconsin, and you’re feeling frustrated by the presence of visible veins under your skin, we’ve got the solution for you here at Elevé MedSpa. Using laser energy, we can non-surgically target these troublesome veins, removing them so you can enjoy the healthy, clear skin you know you deserve. Reach out and set up your consultation today, and learn everything you need to know about this amazing procedure!

Is laser vein reduction right for me?

Visible veins are a fairly common occurrence, especially as we start to get a little bit older. Spider veins are small, damaged veins that can appear on the surface of the legs.  

Most veins are simply a cosmetic issue, causing little more than emotional discomfort when seen in the mirror. Spider veins, however, can cause slight physical discomfort.  They are often red, blue or purple. 

What’s causing my visible veins?

As you’re likely aware, your veins are in charge of bringing blood to the various parts of your body, where it can supply your organs and tissues with much-needed oxygen. They mostly work invisibly, doing their thing unnoticed, beneath the surface of your skin. Spider veins can result from having weakened or damaged valves in the veins. They can be addressed with non-invasive laser treatment.

Some factors that can increase a person's risk of developing spider veins include genetics, being older, being overweight, pregnancy and aging.  In addition to laser treatment, wearing compression socks and having an active lifestyle can help spider veins.  

Spider vein treatment at Elevé Medspa

Our vein treatment utilizes laser energy to non-surgically eliminate the presence of these frustrating visible veins. A specifically directed pulse of laser energy is delivered into the treatment area, which causes the targeted veins to dry up. Over time, they’ll disappear, enabling you to enjoy healthy, clear skin, without any kind of invasive procedure.

If you think this sounds like a great option for you, we’re ready to set up your consultation and get you on your journey to healthy skin! Reach out and set up an appointment with a highly experienced member of our team today, and learn more about what laser vein treatment can do for you.

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Laser vein treatment pricing

Laser vein treatment starts at $600. The cost may vary depending on how many areas are being treated. 

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