Detailed, personalized evaluation

Our patients undergo an extensive physiological testing process, which helps us to get an overview of your general state of health, and enables us to develop highly customized treatment plans that enable you to maximize your well-being. Blood work helps us to analyze lipids, thyroid and risk for cardiovascular disease.

All of this data will aid in the creation of a comprehensive personalized report and treatment plan to meet your specific health goals. This treatment plan and report will be reviewed with a multi-specialty physician advisory board and will be adjusted according to their professional recommendations.  Your personal health coach and advisory board will continually assess/test and modify your treatment plan to continue to optimize your health along the way.  


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Vitality has helped me to lose the weight I was looking to lose and maintain the weight that I want to be at. The program has instilled better eating habits by telling me what types of food to eat and what types to stay away from. The supplements the program recommended have been a help as well. I have also been able to keep a steady exercise regimen without feeling like I live at the gym.

- Tiffany

Vitality menu of Services & Pricing

Dexa Scan

The most accurate, gold standard method to determine body composition (quantifies your lean muscle, fat, bone mass, and visceral fat).

Individual Scan: $100

Package of 4: $350

V02 Max

An active metabolic test to determine your physical fitness level, targeted heart rate and fat burning zone to create a customized exercise plan.

Cost: $150

Resting Metabolic Test

Learn how many calories your body burns at rest; assess how many carbohydrates and fat calories your body uses for energy.

Cost: 150

Health Coaching

Accountability and personalized coaching to help you reach your goals.

Cost: $300+

Baseline Testing & Action Plan

Cost: $1,500

Comprehensive Wellness

Includes comprehensive lab panel, 1 DEXA scan, 1 VO2 Max, 1 resting metabolic test, Oura Ring sleep tracker, 1st month’s supply of core longevity supplements, 6 health coaching sessions and personalized health assessment and wellness plan developed by Eleve’s medical advisory board.

Cost: $800 a month for 6 months or a $4,500 one-time payment


We offer high-quality supplements with maximum absorption through Designs for Health. This company has an extensive line of nutritional products and meal replacements backed by extensive product research and testing. Price: TBD

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DEXA Scan: Know your body. Transform your life

A critical component to living a healthier, more active life is identifying your body’s composition. Bodyweight and BMI calculation, both considered basic metrics of overall health, can often be misleading because neither reveals the makeup of an individual’s body. Identifying an optimal balance between lean muscle and body fat provides much better insight into achieving a healthier future.  

DEXA Scan is the most accurate method for determining total body fat percentage, lean body mass, visceral fat, and bone density. An FDA-approved technology, the scan delivers immediate, sometimes surprising results about a person’s potential longevity.


How Can You Benefit From A DEXA Scan?

  • Use precise data to develop the most effective fat loss/muscle building strategy
  • Identify where you are storing fat on your body 
  • Evaluate dangerous visceral fat hiding around organs 
  • Learn if fat or muscle is causing fluctuations in weight 
  • Track progress and monitor changes with an easy-to-use app

DEXA Scan Summary & Pricing

The most accurate, gold standard method to determine body composition (quantifies your lean muscle, fat, bone mass, and visceral fat).

Individual Scan: $100

Package of 4: $350

Exercise testing

VO2 max/target heart rate assessment, determines where your target heart rate is for burning fat as well as your overall fitness level.

How can you benefit from a VO2 max test?

Do you ever find yourself questioning whether your workout routine is actually "working"? A VO2 Max test provides personalized data to gauge the results of training. A person can then adjust his or her workout to improve performance and avoid injuries and fatigue. The test offers insight into your body’s ability to consume oxygen when you exercise. It’s often used to find the specific heart rate and intensity zones best suited to a goal, like endurance training or cardio conditioning. It also determines the number of calories burned during each level and intensity of exercise, providing valuable information when trying to lose or maintain weight. 


What is a resting metabolic rate test?

A Resting Metabolic Rate test is a test in which we assess your metabolism in addition to seeing how your body is metabolizing fat or carbohydrates for fuel.

Metabolism is a word we hear quite often, but what does it really mean? Metabolism is the biochemical process of combining nutrients with oxygen to release the energy our bodies need in order to function, or more simply put, it is the process of converting calories into energy for immediate use or to be stored for later. The efficiency with which your body accomplishes this process is called your metabolic rate.

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How can you benefit from a resting metabolic rate test?

Testing your resting metabolic rate (RMR) offers an accurate measurement of the calories needed to reach and maintain your healthiest weight and improve sports performance. The test is also used to identify:

  • A slowed, sluggish metabolism
  • Changes in metabolism during a weight-loss program to help overcome a plateau
  • The minimum number of calories needed without causing a major decrease in metabolism

When I first started the program, I was very frustrated with my health. I exercised 5-6 times per week and ate fairly healthy. However, I continued to get heavier. It wasn’t a good heavier, either. In addition to not seeing results from my efforts, I felt an overall lack of energy. I even thought that maybe I was one of those 50+ year old males who had “low testosterone”.

- Steve

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